Studded with outstanding natural wonders and endowed with one of the world’s hot-list cities, Argentina is a vast and varied land. Tapering from the Tropic of Capricorn towards the tip of Antarctica it encompasses a staggering diversity of terrains, from the lush wetlands of the Litoral and the bone-dry Andean plateaux of the Northwest to the end-of-the-world archipelago of Tierra del Fuego.

Its most emblematic landscapes are the verdant flatlands of the Pampas and the dramatic steppe of Patagonia, whose very name evokes windswept plains inhabited by hardy pioneers.

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13th May 2019

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Every client is a VIP to us, hear their feedback

  • Audrey

    Would I recommend Silhouette Tours, yes I would in a heart beat.  Romina was very helpful and also just as important to me was good fun. I know it sounds weird but boy did we have some laughs.  I also met Trudi through this tour and understand she will now be involved in the business, what a great lady, good fun again and I’m sure will be a great fit into this professionally run business.

  • Nikki

    I was very fortunate to be able to book my breast augmentation & lift, also a tummy tuck with Silhouette Makeover Tours. I had never been to South America before so was initially nervous, especially as surgery was involved. I was very happy with the information I was given & was kept up to date at all times. I found Romina extremely professional & she made me feel safe in a strange country.

  • Suzi Nock

    From the moment I spoke to Romina, I knew I had met a kindred spirit, a woman who truly wants to help women to feel better about themselves.  Romina invited myself and my partner to her home, to meet her and her husband.  There was no questions that couldn't be asked, we could ask anything and everything to either of them.  We felt so comfortable and looked after, we quickly decided to move forward with the procedure.  

  • Simone Surman
    I had Romina as my Interpreter, Tour Guide and a great friend The surgeons made me feel very welcome and comfortable and the after care I got from them was fantastic, they really cared and on the days I couldn't get to the clinic they came to me at the hotel. The people in Argentina are all very friendly and I would do it again. I recommend Silhouette makeover tours to anyone considering cosmetic surgery. It all went smoothly and I am proud to be their very 1st customer.
    Simone Surman
    Helensville, Auckland, New Zealand
  • Kerrianne Rennie

    I guess the question is would I do this again? Travel to another country for three weeks, away from family and friends, to a country where English isn’t the national language. The answer, without reservation, is yes. The surgeons were out of this world. I really don’t think I’d have gotten the same sort of care or empathy from a NZ based surgeon. I invested a lot of time, researching having the procedure done in NZ; and money, paying for consultations. The medical professionals I spoke to here gave me the impression I was just another down payment on their new jet ski. Not that I knew how the Argentinean surgeons would be, but my experience here and of course the difference in cost made it easier to consider going abroad.

    Kerrianne Rennie
    Parakai, Auckland, New Zealand


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