About Us


Silhouette Makeover Tours is a New Zealand company, providing Plastic Cosmetic Surgery and Cosmetic Dental Holiday packages to Rosario, Argentina for people living in New Zealand.

We are dedicated to helping women and men improve their personal image and create personal makeover packages to help them realise their aspirations.

We chose Argentina as our surgery makeover destination because its Cosmetic Surgeons are among the best in the world. One in 30 Argentinians are estimated to have gone under the plastic surgery knife making the population the most operated on in the world after US and Mexico. It is also an exotic tourist destination offering would be patients a tempting array of holiday packages.

We provide guided assistance to Argentina from New Zealand ensuring all your needs are personally and promptly taken care of.

Our highly sought after specialists in Rosario and staff are devoted to providing the best attention to each patient, both in the organisation of the trip and during your stay and recovery.

We provide the best flight costs available at the time of booking. We have also teamed up with the Howard Johnson Hotel, Rosario for your accommodation arrangements, plus Lifestyle Finance and Global Protective Solutions for finance and medical travel insurance. This means we can provide you with a complete overseas surgical or dental makeover package, that is affordable, competitively priced and most importantly, of a high standard.

Our goal is to help you achieve the Body and Soul Experience for yourself.