The Feedback

Kerrianne Rennie

Parakai, Auckland New Zealand

I guess the question is would I do this again? Travel to another country for three weeks, away from family and friends, to a country where English isn’t the national language. The answer, without reservation, is yes.

Romina was amazing. She is a natural hostess and guide. It seems, to me, like she has found her true calling in life. She is very professional, but very warm and friendly too. She made me feel comfortable and relaxed. Anything I needed help with, she helped. She showed me around Rosario, even organising a guided tour of the city. I saw her every day, sometimes twice. She never made me feel like I was just another job to complete or box to tick. She is very generous and I feel I can now count her as a (wonderful) friend. She came to all of my appointments acting as interpreter and advocate. She also took me on a number of therapy sessions (of the retail variety) and picked up food and other necessities when I needed it. She also organised everything with the hotel so that after my surgery I didn’t need to leave the room unnecessarily.

The hotel was in a great location, within walking distance of everything I needed. I felt safe walking to the supermarket down the road, or a store around the corner.

The people of Argentina and Rosario in particular were wonderful, always trying to help me. I could almost always find someone in most places who would try and speak to me in English to help me shopping and they seemed to genuinely enjoy the opportunity to practice their English language skills. Whether they could speak English or not, everyone I came across would attempt to satisfy my needs, or they’d find an English speaker who could assist. Failing that I became relatively adept at charades, though thankfully that particular skill set wasn’t called upon too often.

The surgeons were out of this world. I really don’t think I’d have gotten the same sort of care or empathy from a NZ based surgeon. I invested a lot of time, researching having the procedure done in NZ; and money, paying for consultations. The medical professionals I spoke to here gave me the impression I was just another down payment on their new jet ski. Not that I knew how the Argentinean surgeons would be, but my experience here and of course the difference in cost made it easier to consider going abroad.

My surgeon, Mariano, was really amazing. I could tell when I met him that he really cares about his patients and his work. He gave me the impression of being a real perfectionist. I never felt like any question I asked was a bother or that I was being a pain. He spoke English very well (much better than my Spanish), and if he did not understand, Romina was always there to help translate.

Mariano came and saw me in the hotel each day, for about a week after my procedure, to change my dressings and check on my healing and well being. He addressed any problems or concerns I had there and then. I felt very comfortable and even now that I’m back home, have no concerns or worries concerning the whole experience. He still rings Romina to get progress reports on my recovery and it’s been over two and a half months since my procedure.

The hospital was modern and clean. My room had all of the mod cons you would expect from a first class facility including my own en suite bathroom, conversation nook with recliner chairs and large flat screen TV. The nurses were really attentive to my every need and personal request.

The surgeons really do have your best interests at heart and did little extras to ensure I look ‘in proportion’ and balanced. They did this at no extra cost, unlike, I believe, what would’ve occurred back home. The all up cost also included follow up treatments for the bruising and swelling.

The surgeon’s skills are really amazing. As part of my procedure my old caesarean scars were removed. In comparison my new scar is brilliant. Gone is the old puckered gash; in its place is a beautiful flat ‘line’ across my stomach which hides below my bikini line. I’m looking forward to summer and the chance, after three children, two caesareans and lots of stretch marks, to wearing a bikini. It really has changed my life. I look better today than I have in a long, long time even before I had kids.

After my surgery and during my recovery I found that it was better to get out there and carry on as you would back home. The shopping was fantastic and Romina knows where all of the good shops and markets are. I thought I’d get homesick but in the end I had enough distractions, and the people and places allowed me to enjoy my time and relax. I put in a lot of hard work getting fit and losing weight before the trip and this also helped to make my surgery and recovery easier.

It wasn’t an easy decision to make and my husband and I had a lot of people questioning our choice, but I’m proud of myself for having the courage to travel to Argentina to undergo my procedures. Sure, saving over NZ$12,000 was a rather compelling incentive, but it was a pretty big leap of faith on my part to travel for twelve hours with someone I’d met only weeks beforehand, to a country where I didn’t speak the native language, for an operation by surgeons who I’d not yet met.

If my experience is anything to go by, travelling with Romina on an organised Silhouette Makeover Tour is a no brainer. I have friends and family considering cosmetic procedures asking about my experience and I’m happy to recommend to them that they seriously consider doing it like I did.

Kerrianne Rennie

Parakai, Auckland

New Zealand

Simone Surman

Helensville, Auckland, New Zealand

It’s funny how things just come to you when you need them.

I met Romina a few days after I had just made some enquiries about Plastic Surgery in Auckland, NZ and was feeling very disappointed on the price I was given, thinking how I could ever afford this.

Romina mentioned she and a friend had just had Plastic Surgery in Rosario, Argentina and due to the success of it all decided to start up Silhouette Makeover Tours. I wanted to find out more about Argentina, the surgery, accommodation, etc. so I had a meeting with Romina and Tania and things just happened. As the months went by things just fell into place, a couple of other ladies pulled out but they decided to take me on my own. That was the biggest influence on my decision that they came with me. So on Romina and I flew out to Argentina. I was sitting on the plane thinking “Wow I’m really doing this”. The flight went well and there was a car waiting at Buenos Aires Airport to take us to Rosario, which was a 3 hour drive. As Romina spoke Spanish things went smoothly.

We arrived at the Hotel- Howard Johnson- where we were greeted well and in English. They took me up to my room, where one of the porters set my laptop up with Skype and their international settings. The room was great, a great big size king bed to myself. I was in Rosario for 4 days before the actual operation; in the meantime Romina took me around the town walking for miles. I enjoyed a nice city tour as well. We went and met the surgeons who made me feel very welcome and comfortable. When it came to surgery day I wasn’t as nervous as I expected, I was more nervous back in NZ a few weeks before. We went downstairs to where the surgery was to be performed and the recovery rooms where they got me ready. As I was alone Romina was with me every step of the way and before I knew it, it was all over. I woke out of the anaesthetic, and I was feeling very out of it but Romina kept me calm and didn’t go anywhere. We eventually went back to the Hotel. Again as I was alone Romina helped me through the first night. I was not in as much pain as I expected, just uncomfortable. The after care I got from the Doctors was fantastic, they really cared and on the days I couldn’t get to the clinic they came to me.

I also did some post operative care from machines which took away some swelling and bruising. I really recommend it, and it feels so good! All in all it went well; it certainly was an experience I will never forget. I had Romina as my Interpreter, Tour Guide and a great friend. The people in Argentina are all very friendly and I would do it again and recommend Silhouette makeover tours to anyone considering cosmetic surgery. It all went smoothly and I am proud to be their very 1st customer.

Simone Surman



New Zealand


I was very fortunate to be able to book my breast augmentation & lift, also a tummy tuck with Silhouette Makeover Tours. I had never been to South America before so was initially nervous, especially as surgery was involved. I was very happy with the information I was given & was kept up to date at all times. I found Romina extremely professional & she made me feel safe in a strange country.

I was very pleasantly surprised when I arrived in Rosario. The clinic where I had my appointments & operation was of the highest standard, brand new building & facilities. I can't say enough about my surgeon Mariano. He made me feel at ease & more importantly safe & in great hands.

My accommodation was clean & had everything I could want. Romina came to me everyday after my operation & I took me for walks & made me laugh ! I can't recommend this experience enough. I am saving for a second trip!

Suzi Nock

I'm sure like many women, I thought I could only dream of having the procedure of a "tummy tuck" done, constantly looking at before and after photos on the internet, and looking at myself in the mirror and thinking "if only". When I finally got the courage up to look into it further, I looked at options in NZ and in Thailand, not knowing of other options. One was too expensive, and the other felt a tad impersonal for me. When talking to a colleague, she told me about her friend who went through Silhouette, and went to Argentina to have her procedure done. I contacted her via email and she directed me to Romina.

From the moment I spoke to Romina, I knew I had met a kindred spirit, a woman who truly wants to help women to feel better about themselves. Romina invited myself and my partner to her home, to meet her and her husband. There was no questions that couldn't be asked, we could ask anything and everything to either of them. We felt so comfortable and looked after, we quickly decided to move forward with the procedure.

Knowing I had Romina accompanying us on our whole journey made it not so daunting, and took all the planning and organising of the appointments, tickets, transfers, accommodation etc away from us which was such a blessing. But she also kept us involved so we know what was going on at all times.

The surgeons are excellent, the clinic is of the highest standard. My surgeon, Mariano, was lovely and made me feel very comfortable, and in my opinion, exceeded my expectations of my procedures. His follow up care, coming to the hotel to check on me for the first few days, was appreciated and again another thing that you wouldn't get here at home.

I do recommend getting yourself as fit as possible prior to the operation, especially if it's a tummy tuck. Losing weight if needed is also going to make the results more pleasing, and the healing easier in my opinion.

Rosario, where you have the operation is a lovely city, the shopping, the markets, the food, the architecture and the people are all things to immerse yourself in. After the procedure, yes I was tender, but not really in pain, you have good painkillers if you need them. The tenderest part for me was where I had liposuction on my hip regions on my back, that took the longest to settle, but still worth it for the results.

Overall, I would and have recommended Silhouette to anybody that is considering a procedure. Going away somewhere different, with a new friend, that is surprisingly affordable and coming home with a new look, what more could you want?


Well how to start…to say that I was terrified of plastic surgery would be an understatement. I had been talking about this on and off for a few years now and finally my poor long suffering husband had enough and said either do it or shut up. Okay well I had been told!

I had made enquiries with a renowned plastic surgeon in NZ but the price just about floored me and probably I was looking for any excuse to not go ahead. I had also made enquiries with another company to look at going overseas to get my surgery done, however was not happy with the service.

My sister had a neighbour that went and had the surgery done through Silhouette Tours and suggested, okay bullied me into going and at least talking to her. Well Kerri Ann was still on cloud nine at her surgery and with very little encouragement showed me the results of her tummy tuck. Okay I was hooked, if Kerri Ann could do it so could I. I made the email enquiry and Romina and Tania came round to meet both my husband and myself. They seemed great and knew what they were talking about as they also had procedures done and more than willing to show the results. I felt comfortable with these guys, they had been there and in fact Rominas family is there and let’s face it, it’s in there best interests that they take care of you and they did very well. But more than that Rominacares and I consider her to be a great friend!

So I booked at Christmas and got my butt into the gym, Romina had made it clear that I would get better results if I lost some weight. They are honest and it made sense not only for the results but for the recovery time. Well I was happy to say that before I went I had lost 14kg with a lot of hard work and great support from both my family and Romina. She was wrapped that I had lost that weight and I was proud of myself for making the commitment.

Well after much arranging and working my butt of at the gym it was time to go, I was nervous my family was nervous but I was also determined. My husband came with me; well why not I had the room booked anyway and Romina found us some good deals on the flights. It was great he was coming and having someone on call 24/7 talk about pay back!

We had a few days before the surgery to get our bearings and have all the tests done, finally meet the surgeons and get the low down. So got to meet my surgeon Mariano who came to the hotel! I know the hotel can you believe it! Anyway he was great and he was very happy at the work I had done before the surgery and made me feel very proud and confident I was going to get the results I was looking for. I would not come out looking like Elle McPherson but would be a better version of myself…yahoo! I didn’t want someone promising me something that was not achievable or dangerous to my health. At all times Romina and the doctors were the voice of reason and she was honest and professional. The doctors backed up her assessment and I was happy.

The day of surgery had come round; I was ready and happy to walk to the hospital as my last bit of fresh air for a while. I won’t lie I was scared and nervous but no more than I would have been than if I was in NZ. I had complete faith in the surgeons to do there best for me and I had Romina on my side, all was looking great! After a bit of a fight with the shower in the ensuite I was good to go. Had some great meds and given the advise from Romina to think of myself in a healing blue bubble…okay the last thing I remember is being wheeled down the hall singing blue bubble, blue bubble, those poor people what had they let themselves in for!

The hospital was great and had all the same facilities in fact better than most hospitals in NZ. The staff were great but I slept for most of my stay there. The lady in the bed next to me was lovely and her husband was great. Okay neither of us could speak each others language but she had come in for a boob job and I was there for a tummy tuck it was sort of obvious from our sign language what were saying, very amusing. Was I sore after the operation, well duh of course I was but they did have good meds and jumped when I said I was going to be sick. I hate being sick and they had the anti nausea meds in the drip quicker than you can say pass me the bucket… Did I look at my tummy then, no I am a self proclaimed wuss and could not, however by the expression on Rominas face it was all good. They took off a staggering 5kg and 2 litres of fluid, yeeha. I was at a weight I had not been since I was well a lot younger!

Mariano came and saw me each day at the hotel to make sure everything was okay and healing well, it was. No question was too silly no problem too trivial he was fantastic and seeing Romina once or sometimes twice a day was great as well. Romina also helped with after care which was great and I felt very comfortable with her being there. In fact she was there whenever I needed her or my husband needed her, the service could not have been better.

I was glad I stayed as long as I did as boy did that help with my recovery, I had no side effects and feel as fit as I ever have. I’m sure this is in part to being in a foreign country with no option but to rest and recuperate. I also had the great and loving care of a very excellent husband, not necessary with the every present Romina but very, very welcome!

Was I happy with my results, oh yes I was it was fantastic I could not believe what a difference it had made. Still marveling at the results and I’m 3 months down the track! Has it changed my life, well yes it has all too the better I feel more confident I know I look better in clothes and I feel like a new woman! I’m back at the gym still trying to fine tune this new body of mine and to keep fit.

Would I recommend Silhouette Tours, yes I would in a heart beat. Romina was very helpful and also just as important to me was good fun. I know it sounds weird but boy did we have some laughs. I also met Trudi through this tour and understand she will now be involved in the business, what a great lady, good fun again and I’m sure will be a great fit into this professionally run business.

This was a hard decision for me to make, who was I to be spending this much money and time on myself and taking a risk too as any surgery is a risk. I struggled as I’m sure many women do to put themselves first, but I did it with great support from my husband and family. Romina and Silhouette Tours made it happen for me and I am truly grateful for all the care and attention that gave to Ian and I. Thanks again!