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This is your opportunity to take a look through the services we offer and decide how you want to enhance your image and create the new you.

Below are the 4 key areas most requested by clients, however if there is something else you may be considering, contact us directly and we'll happily talk to our medical professionals in Argentina to see how we can create your desired results.

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Silhouette Makeover Tours believes in a holistic approach to transformational change and helping you create your beauty.

We can also help you with your wellness, your fitness and your mind. If you'd like to find out more about our trusted partners to help you in your preparation and to maintain your results on your return to New Zealand, we're happy to connect you with our hand picked professional experts in body, mind and nutritional transformation.

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Surgery PricesPrices in USD
Breast implantsFrom $7500
Breast lift plus implantFrom $7900
Breast lift without implantFrom $6900
Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck)From $6700
LiposculptureFrom $6100
Facial liftFrom $7100
Mini facial liftFrom $6500
Brow liftFrom $5200
Blepharoplasty top and bottom lidsFrom $5000
Blepharoplasty top or bottom lidsFrom $4000
Rhinoplasty (nose job)From $5800
Tummy tuck + liposculptureFrom $9800
Tummy tuck + breast lift +implantFrom $9900
Face lift + blepharoplasty top and bottom lidsFrom $9900
Brow lift + blepharoplasty top and bottom lidsFrom $7250