Breast Reduction

It reduces the size of excessively large breasts. If you feel uncomfortable with your breasts or you feel they are unaesthetic. If they make it difficult to find the right clothes, if they make your back or neck hurt or if they make you feel ashamed, then this is the right surgery for you.

The surgery lifts hanging breasts due to factors such as age, breastfeeding and gravity. It improves your shape in the same way that a breast lift does but, in this case, reduction is the priority. It reduces the size of the areola, if it is too large.

The surgery

The surgeon draws on the skin the future location of the nipples. Then he performs a circular incision around each one of the areolas. If the areola is too large, the incision may be done inside its outline, so as to remove the part of it that is nearest to the edge. All the time, the areola and the nipple are kept joined to the breast by means of a pedicle. This is very important for preserving the blood supply and sensibility, and to avoid necrosis. The surgeon performs a series of incisions under the areolas that allow him to separate the rest of the skin. He then cuts and folds the glandular tissue so as to fit the areolas in the places he previously cut and marked. After that, he cuts and removes the excess glandular tissue and skin until the breast reaches the desired volume and shape. Finally, the surgeon sutures all the incisions This is an ambulatory procedure. Anesthesia: Local anesthesia and complementary sedation. Length of breast reduction surgery: Two to four hours, according to the complexity of the case

The final Result

The results of breast reduction surgery are permanent. The reduced breasts will not grow again. Your breasts will look better for a long time and you will feel more comfortable and relieved. In spite of the resulting scars, when most women evaluate the outcome, they feel that the benefits obtained far outweigh the negative aspects. Even though it will make your body look more beautiful and harmonious, and it will probably also improve your self-esteem, It will not be enough to make you look perfect. We must be realistic and accept that that kind of perfection does not exist.