Finance and Insurance

Finance & Medical Travel Insurance

Silhouette Plastic Surgery Holidays is pleased to offer assistance to our New Zealand clients requiring finance or medical travel insurance for their plastic and cosmetic surgery or cosmetic dental surgery holidays overseas.


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Thanks to Lifestyle Finance there is no need to wait until you have saved up for that breast enhancement, tummy tuck or other cosmetic procedure or dental treatment that you have been dreaming about. Click on their logo to apply online today.

Medical Travel Insurance

It is always a good idea to have travel insurance when you travel overseas, however, general travel insurance policies often exclude medical travellers and do not cover for unexpected complications that may arise after having medical treatment overseas.

With the high level of care from our experienced and professional medical team during and after your surgery, plus sensible post-surgery activity by you, the risk of complications when you get back home is very low. However, some patients seek that extra peace of mind that a more comprehensive medical travel insurance package offers.

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We have teamed up with Global Protective Solutions who have developed a package of insurance benefits specifically designed for people who travel to have medical procedures outside of their home country. Click on their logo to find out

more and get a quote.