Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs about Plastic Cosmetic Surgery & Dental Surgery

1What are the advantages of using Silhouette Plastic Surgery Holidays?
Silhouette Plastic Surgery Holidays helps you in each step. We even help you with your flights, transfer and accommodations for a reasonable price. We do everything to make sure you receive all information you´ll need to plan your trip and think about everything you may need.
We´ll take care of you from the day we leave New Zealand until the day we leave Buenos Aires. Our staff will assist you and someone will be available 24 hours a day. Our medical tourism service includes:
  • International Flights, transfers to Rosario
  • Accommodation
  • The surgery, the anesthesiologist, the hospital and medical team
  • All post op medication prescribed by surgeon
  • All pre and post surgery consultations
  • Transportation for your consultation and surgical procedures
  • A bilingual representative to accompany you every step the way
2Do you have a price list?
Here in Rosario it is considered unethical to give the cost for surgery without a consultation. Everybody is different and therefore the price for a given cosmetic procedure only can be determined individually, after consultation we will give an approximate cost. Once the surgeons have discussed each case, airlines have been consulted and Hotels booked, a firm price will be quoted.
3Can I bring a companion?
Of course. All of our accommodation options allow for an extra-person. This is a good idea, especially if your recovery period is an extended one - two weeks or more.
4How many procedures can I have at the same time?
Multiple procedures are done at the surgeon's discretion. Having multiple procedures performed at the same time is less expensive than having them performed individually. The benefit of doing multiple areas at one time is that you take advantage of the operating room. You have already paid for the anesthesia and hospital fees. Having the procedure performed separately means you have to pay for these expenses again. Also, doing all the procedures at one time can allow you to only have to take one vacation from work for recovery. However, there is increased risk of complications. For example, by having multiple procedures performed, the patient risks having a prolonged exposure to general anesthesia. Consult with your surgeon if you are considering having multiple procedures.
5Are there any risks?
Cosmetic surgery, like any procedure, carries with it some degree of risk. Complications are rare, but they do occur. Modern procedures have greatly diminished most risks. However, these complications might be enhanced if you have certain health conditions, such as diabetes, hence the reason tests are required and the doctors consult each other as to how safe it would be for each client. Remember, if doctor believes you are a risk, they will not perform the surgery. This decision is determined before signing any agreements or leaving the country. The surgeons will repeat the tests when you arrive to check everything is still ok to precede. The surgeons we have chosen to be part of our medical team are committed to using the latest technology to ensure your safety.
6When is the best time to travel to Rosario?
Due to the immense heat over the Summer period it is advise to travel between April and October where temperatures are cooler yet still warm.
7How do I pay for dental and cosmetic surgery treatment at the hospital?
Payment is made in full to Silhouette Plastic Surgery Holidays. They will pay the Airlines, transfers, hotel and all Surgical procedures, pre and post operative care, some medication and bandages.
8What currency do I take?
US dollars are recommended. Pesos can be purchased on arrival. Please note, it is advised to search your local banks/websites for currency exchange as the exchange rate can vary dramatically due to the economy.
9What is involved in the Post Operative care?
A trained nurse will carry out all post operation care. They will also provide you with the medication prescribed by your surgeon after the operation. Stitches will be removed before departure (for certain operations, it is not always necessary to remove them). After the operation, your surgeon will give you instructions to follow carefully so that you obtain the best esthetic results from your surgery.
10How long do I have to stay in Argentina for my operation?
Two weeks is the minimum period indispensable for correct post operatory care.
11Tell me more about Visa requirements?
New Zealand passport holders do not need a visa. For all other countries please contact your embassy and they will give you the necessary information.
12Do I need to send a lot of photographs?
Silhouette Plastic Surgery Holidays will take the photos required for the procedure you choose and pass this information onto the surgeons to determine what further tests will be required.