Terms and Conditions

Your Price estimate:

  • We will quote an all-inclusive fee applicable to your condition and the procedures/surgery and accommodation options you have selected. Remember that neither you nor your surgeons are under any obligation to continue until the first pre-operative consultation has been completed and all aspects pertaining to your procedure agreed upon.
  • All medical advice you have received should be thoroughly discussed with your surgeon and be completely understood by you. It may be necessary to consult a physician before any form of anaesthesia is given.
  • You should be mindful that all surgery has some risk attached including dissatisfaction with the results especially after cosmetic procedures. In the case of any unresolved dispute between you and your surgeon, you are encouraged to seek arbitration. In the event of litigation the registered medical practitioners, hospitals and clinics would defend themselves only in Argentinean courts.
  • Silhouette Makeover Tours, as facilitator and third party payment guarantor while acting in your best interests at all times, cannot be held liable for any medical complications resulting in personal losses including death or dissatisfaction with medical results.


  • The information on this Web site is intended to introduce you to some of the basic facts concerning different surgery/treatments. Its aim is to give you general background information and serve as an introduction to them. The information obtained from this Web site cannot be used to determine whether or not you will have the procedure carried out, nor is it a guarantee of the results or any outcome of the procedure/s you decide to undergo. During the consultations, your surgeon/professional will explain to you in detail how a particular procedure applies to your individual condition.
  • They are for your information only. Individual results may vary. The references are not a guarantee of your results. Silhouette Makeover Tours reminds you that all surgeries carry risks of complications, which in case of cosmetic surgery, include dissatisfaction with the results.


  • Flights with Air New Zealand, in either Economy or Business Class from Auckland to Buenos Aires and the return transfer from Buenos Aires to Rosario.
  • Accommodation for the stated period at The Howard Johnson Hotel OR selected Apartment.
  • All pre-operative and post-operative consultations with your surgeon, Procedure/surgery, accommodation, theatre costs, anaesthetist fees, physiology and hospital drugs.
  • Comprehensive pre-surgical medical consultation and examination with a qualified Plastic Surgeon once in Rosario
  • Follow-up visits to your surgeon and monitoring by a qualified physician (whilst in Rosario)
  • All Breakfasts throughout your Stay

We will also accompany you on all transfers from the hotel to the clinic, and stay with you before and after the surgery.


  • Medication required for conditions outside the area of your surgery. Please bring along all currently prescribed medications you take regularly in sufficient quantity to cover your stay here. A copy of your prescriptions and medical history should be in your possession at all times.
  • The quoted fee you will receive does not cover meals and items of a personal nature, including telephone calls, and other items. The quote you will receive will cover the specified costs, but will NOT cover any costs due to unforeseen complications which may arise from the surgery or any other causes( example: extra hospital stay, consults with other specialist physicians etc.)
  • Not included in the quote is additional transportation for accompanying persons to visit you in hospital, although this will gladly be arranged
  • Ground transportation from the Short term Accommodations to the Clinic (Example Taxis or buses).

What Silhouette Makeover Tours will ensure

1. We have carefully selected a reputable private clinic and professional plastic surgeons.

2. We ensure that only experienced surgeons within this clinic will operate on you.

3. All surgeons are members of national or international associations and in total, accumulate more than 40 years of experience.

4. All clinics will operate under proper sanitary conditions.

5. In the post-operative phase, your hotel will be conveniently located close to the clinics so the clinic physician can check-up on you regularly at the hotel.

6. Our policy is to consider your safety first so this is why we carefully qualify patients.

7. Silhouette Makeover Tours is committed to facilitating surgery to meet our patients' expectations. However, as for any surgical act, complications may arise.

7.1 Potential complications are discussed with patients in detail on the day of the preoperative consultation. In addition, post-operation, you are carefully monitored on-site to insure that all is in order before you leave.

7.2 In the case of unsatisfactory result: an evaluation will be made on your post operative photos back home. If the insufficiency of the result is obvious, the new intervention will be assumed, free of charge, by your surgeon and Silhouette Makeover Tours (Flights and transfers are at your own cost)

7.3 In case of disagreement, the case will be submitted to a board certified independent surgeon in Argentina. The surgeon's report will have to be remitted to Silhouette Makeover Tours and if this report recommends a new intervention, you will benefit from our guarantee.

7.4 Our guarantee covers the new intervention with an assigned surgeon in Argentina .


  • Silhouette Makeover Tours responsibility is limited to the organization of your package holiday. Silhouette Makeover Tours is not the healthcare provider, the transporter nor the hotelier itself.
  • Therefore it is not responsible in any manner whatsoever for any deficiency, delay defect, error or any other shortcomings at the hospitals, airlines, and hotels or any other services arranged.
  • The surgeon and the clinic are legally responsible for the medical part of the process. You will enter a contract for your medical treatment directly with the practitioner involved.
  • As a result, neither Silhouette Makeover Tours, nor its directors or officers or employees shall be liable to you, and you shall be deemed to have indemnified the said parties against any liability, loss, injury, damage, claims or proceedings of any nature whatsoever and howsoever arising out of or in connection with any services rendered by any of the parties to you or in respect of any act or omission on the part of the said parties, whether as a result of negligence (including gross negligence) or omission.
  • Further, Silhouette Makeover Tours, its directors, employees and officers shall not be liable in respect of the negligence (including gross negligence) of any medical practitioner whom you have been referred to.
  • The parties indemnified above shall not be liable for any consequential, indirect, special, punitive or exemplary damages, including but not limited to loss of profit, revenue, or product which you or any party claiming through you may suffer.
  • In case of disagreement, the surgeon is only liable if litigation takes place in Argentina under Argentinean law. Any medical or surgical advice provided through the Silhouette Makeover Tours web site, even if accurate to the best of our knowledge, should be discussed with the surgeon. In case of medical discrepancy or conflict for immutability of malpractice carried out by the patient, the parts establish and agree that all judicial action must be carried out by the patient towards the surgeon / professional within the jurisdiction of the City of Rosario of the Republic of Argentina, and that action will not be extended towards Silhouette Makeover Tours, since it is a company that puts at the disposition of the patient several professional options without exercising medicine professionally.
  • It is not possible for anyone to guarantee the results of any operation as each individual case is different and many complications may arise either during or after the operation. The risks are no greater with cosmetic surgery than with any other type of surgery.

Surgical guarantee, Silhouette Makeover Tours guarantee :

  • If a slight touch up or, in exceptional cases, further surgery proves necessary after your return home, all the surgical fees of your second procedure will be paid by Silhouette Makeover Tours
  • This guarantee does not include the flight and covers the patient only.

Acting as proof for the guarantee :

  • Upon receipts of your photos, your surgeon will determine on his own, professionally and diligently if a retouch is necessary
  • In case of disagreement between the patient and the surgeon, Silhouette Makeover Tours , as mediator, will let the patient choose in good faith a different Argentinean certified surgeon.

Risks and complications:

  • As with any other surgical procedure, there are risks and complications involved which are always measured. Certain risks depend on the individual surgeon and are avoided without being acknowledged due to the surgeon's expertise.
  • Other risks are out of the surgeon's hands and are specific to certain cases. You will be notified of any possible complications in detail when you consult your surgeon prior to surgery.
  • Silhouette Makeover Tours reminds you that all cosmetic surgery carries a risk and has limitations which could include disappointment with the results. You should agree about the anticipated outcome of your surgery. You should discuss alternative treatments and understand the risks of the procedures explained by your surgeon

Since we provide quite complex services that need to be hired in advance, we are forced to charge 50% of the package's total cost for making the necessary reservations. Once everything is agreed on (the physician, the treatment the patient will undergo, the stay and the extra services, if requested), the patient will have to pay the remaining 50% of the total package's cost. This payment must be made 20 days before the trip.

The payments may be made by a bank transfer , cheque or cash. As soon as the patient requests it, our customer service advisers will send him/her the information needed in order to make the transaction by any of the described means.


Payment terms Once the presurgical exams are forwarded to the surgeon and approved and a date is set the agents fee of $500 will be paid in full to complete the Tour.

50% of the total in advance once the surgery is accepted by both client and surgeon 50% of the total 20 days prior to the trip We accept payments made by bank transfers, cash or cheque.

Cancellation policy

This is for surgery only cancellations as it is out of our hands for Flights and accommodation can be negotiated with the hotels
  • Deposits for the surgery only are 100% refundable 4 weeks or more before the surgery. The $500 booking fee is not refundable. If flights and accommodation are booked, we follow the airlines and hotel cancellation policy.
  • Deposits for the surgery only are 50% refundable less than 4 weeks before the surgery. The $500 booking fee is not refundable. If flights and accommodation are booked, we follow the airlines and hotel cancellation policy.
  • Deposits for the entire package including surgery are not refundable at all once on site.

Why are prices so low? What is the catch?

There is no catch. The level of training of our medical professionals matches that of the top USA or European surgeons. They frequent the same international associations and often trained together.

Difference between the cost of living in Argentina and occidental countries offer the opportunity to obtain top quality treatments at savings of up to 50-70% from USA or European prices. As a closing remark, we believe that Silhouette Makeover Tours is a solid choice and value for international patients seeking access to talented and experienced medical professionals and who wish to recover privately away from friends and coworkers, in peaceful and culturally vibrant Argentina.

We believe Silhouette Makeover Tours is a good option for people who seek high quality medical treatments, and, at the same time, take good care of their savings.

Our privacy policy

We recognise and respect your privacy. We do collect anonymous data about how people use our site to help us improve the site. When we collect personal information (through email or forms) it is stored securely and only used for the purpose it was collected for.

Any data collected is used only by approved staff. We will never sell your information.