Surgery Destination - Rosario, Argentina

Situated on the edge of the Paraná River in the province of Santa Fe, Rosario is 300 km away from Buenos Aires, a mere four hours drive.

Rosario is the country's second largest city, with only around 1 million people it provides a very intimate and friendly experience, a world away from the hustle and bustle of the Capital. Rosarino's still take a siesta in the middle of the day and gather in the many beautiful parks and along the river front to enjoy "mate", our national drink, with their friends and families.

Places to Eat:

Rosario is renowned for it's vast array of restaurants. There is at least one cafe or restaurant on every corner, and you'll never have to walk far to find a "parrilla" [steak house] or pasta place. You won't be disappointed with the Latin-American Night Life. From the vibrant and passionate Tango to the all night fiesta, there is something for everyone.

Rosario Facts:

Time difference to New Zealand: -15 hours

Currency: Argentinian Pesos - Note that the Argentinian currency may fluctuate before your trip, so we recommend you check out the latest exchange rates online, e.g.  We recommend travelling with US dollars and exchanging while in Argentina rather than exchanging before you leave home.

Climate: A relatively mild climate, Rosario's average winter temperatures are between (5ºC - 16ºC) and the average summer temperatures are (17ºC - 35ºC). Average monthly rainfall is 8.2cm.